How do I get started? How do I receive a quote?

  First fill out the online “contact us” form or call us to schedule an appointment. You will then tell us your needs and we give you a quote to design your masterpiece. 


I am interested and want to go ahead! What’s next?

    After our team has given you a quote, if you decide to work with us, we will send you a contract and you will make a payment as outlined in our contract terms.  


When do you require payment?

  Our payment structure is a simple process. We require an initial payment of 50% due at the time the contract is signed. Then 30% is due upon delivery of your custom piece, and the remaining 20% due at completion of installation.

                                    We accept all major credit cards, cash, and checks

**Even though this payment schedule is common industry practice, MCM reserves the right to modify payment terms based on project complexity.


Is financing available?

  Special in-house financing is available. No interest for 15 months on the final 20% of payment for qualified customers. Subject to credit approval. Terms and conditions apply. 


Do you offer delivery? If so, what is the rate?

          Yes! We offer delivery as a part of the total estimate.


Where do you complete your work?

All work is designed and completed on MCM premises unless other arrangements are made. 


I’ve changed my mind. What should I do?

Don’t worry! Things happen. All deposits are refundable within 2 weeks of signing contract. However if materials have been purchased,  then only the remaining balance will be refunded.


How accurate are the estimate? If things change how will I know?

All written estimates are final and accurate unless changes are made by the client. If this occurs, adjustments will be made to reflect such changes and a copy will be submitted to client for approval before work continues.


Do you do laminate work?

 Yes we do laminate work including post forming


What type of wood do you offer?

We offer every species of wood available on the market.


Will the type of wood affect my overall budget cost?

 Yes! Not all wood is made the same. Some are more exotic than others. The overall cost of your masterpiece will depend on your selection of wood. If you have questions, we will be able to help you choose the best type of wood to fit your budgetary needs.


What is your usual turn-around time?

On average it is usually 30 days. This of course depends on factors such as complexity of work, or peak season production. However, you will have an estimate of the start and completion dates listed on the contract for your knowledge.


I need my project done ASAP! Can you expedite custom orders?

Of course we can! However, your overall cost will increase for the expedited service.


Do you include finishing and installation in the cost? Is that a separate fee?

Yes! This  this is included in the overall cost of the project. However, if needed, we are able to estimate these costs separately. 


Are you a “green company?”

 In our initiative to be more environmentally friendly, we recycle our waste material during and post production.